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Spread the message about the importance of early detection for breast cancer. It is a message that every woman needs to know and one you can share with the women in your life — a daughter, sister, or friend. BeadPositive® key chains (formerly known as Beads for Life) help make this happen. They are three-dimensional teaching tools designed to inform women about breast health and early detection.

Carry a BeadPositive Key Chain
BeadPositive was founded by Kim Schaaf in 1997 under the name Beads for Life. Today BeadPositive is a part of Citrine Health's Breast Health Program. The key chains are an easy and fun way to help spread the word on an extremely important and less discussed topic.

All proceeds go to supporting wellness programs for women and their families.

Each bead on the key chain demonstrates the different size breast lumps that can be found depending on the detection method. The key chains are made out of wooden and glass beads making each key chain unique. Small variations in the natural materials add character and beauty to each piece.

12mm bead 12mm (0.43" or 1.1cm) The size lump that can be found by yearly mammogram
16mm bead 16mm (0.59" or 1.5cm) The size lump that can be found by first mammogram
24mm bead 24mm (0.81" or 2.1cm) The size lump that can be found by regular breast self-exams
36mm bead 36mm (1.4" or 3.6cm) The size lump that can be found by accident


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